Nick Weseman
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Lead Software Engineer with over 12 years of professional experience

Areas of Expertise

Front-End Back-End Project Management Web Development Mobile Development DBA

Technical Skills


Java C# .NET Python C++ C SQL JavaScript PHP HTML CSS ASP.NET Groovy Ruby on Rails Oracle ADF 10g/11g Visual Basic 6 Visual Basic .NET Objective-C XML XSLT JSON AJAX LESS Delphi PL/pgSQL T-SQL VBA MySQL Perl Haskell LISP VHDL PathMATE Clojure Bash


IntelliJ Eclipse Visual Studio Vim Rational Software Modeler Rational Software Architect Unity JDeveloper ClearCase SQL Server Agitator Clover DOORS Solipsys TDF/MSCT Klocwork EMMA WCF WPF Apache LAMP WAMP ClearQuest Lucy LuciadMap Quick Test Professional Oracle 3D Studio Max Siebel Tools Ant Maven Gradle Git Mercurial Bonitasoft Lawson Hazeltree

Operating Systems

Windows Linux / Unix macOS iOS Android


DoD SECRET Clearance Six Sigma ScrumMaster Top 1% on Stack Overflow


2012 → Present

Two Sigma Investments

Houston, TX

Two Sigma is a hedge fund and technology company that applies rigorous scientific based big data approaches to investment management (think Google meets hedge fund)

Accounting Engineering (Lead)

Accounting Engineering is responsible for all the books and records for the firm including fund, investor and regulatory reporting.

  • Serve as ScrumMaster for a Java project to completely rewrite the monthly reapportionment process including processing subscriptions/redemptions, fee crystallization, and dividends.
  • Create a front-end web app written in AngularJS to generate participation interest statements.
  • Design and implement a process to automatically generate quarterly regulatory filings using Java, JAXB, and XJC turning a manual process requiring 2 people for 1 week into seconds.
  • Develop a reconciliation framework in Python and pandas that turns a manual reconciliation process into an exception-based automatic process saving 10 hours every month.
  • Implement a workflow in Bonitasoft using Groovy and SQL for automatic payment processing.
  • Create automated process to interact with Lawson GL to generate and automatically reconcile all incoming and outgoing ACH, check, and wire transfers replacing a manual daily process requiring multiple people for hundreds of transactions a day.
Java Python JavaScript SQL Visual Basic 6 VBA HTML CSS XML JSON AJAX Clojure Bash REST Access jQuery Groovy JAXB XJC AngularJS

Treasury Engineering (Lead)

Treasury Engineering is responsible for all incoming and outgoing wire transfers, cash, margin, collateral, and broker management.

  • Developed an automatic configuration-based data import framework using Java and Clojure which downloads thousands of files via SFTP and transforms them into a SQL Server database.
  • Constructed a custom Windows Authentication Provider in C# using cross-forest domain trusts greatly improving security by forcing all wire transactions to flow through a separate domain.
  • Automated custom margin management and portfolio rebalancing system in VBA and SQL.
  • Created treasury management solution in Java and Clojure using Hazeltree which provides automated cash, collateral, counterparty, and margin management.
Java C# .NET JavaScript SQL VBA HTML CSS JSON AJAX Clojure Bash REST Bootstrap jQuery AngularJS

Corporate Engineering

Corporate Engineering is responsible for all areas of Middle and Back Office including Operations, Treasury, Accounting, Regulatory Reporting, Data Services, and Broker Management.

  • Built a set of RESTful web services in Java, Jetty, Jackson, Guice, Hibernate, and Jersey that provided the “golden” source of data for balance sheet and income statement data to all groups in the firm replacing hundreds of disparate manual files and database tables.
  • Developed proprietary trading models in Python using core, high frequency trading, and market making techniques which aimed to capitalize on irrational differences in the bid-ask spread.
Java Python SQL Jetty Jackson Guice Hibernate Jersey

2011 → 2012


Huntsville, AL

Intergraph is a top 100 software company in the world specializing in GIS and image processing applications.

E-Support (Lead)

E-Support is an Oracle Fusion ADF web application which serves as a customer and employee portal for thousands of users worldwide.

  • Served as Oracle ADF / Java EE subject matter expert and led all development activities.
  • Developed web front-end in JSF, AJAX, and ADF Faces.
  • Developed Java EE back-end in ADF BC, SOAP Web Services, and SQL Server DB.
  • Implemented Oracle SOA between Oracle Application Server and Siebel Enterprise.
  • Improved the existing manual build/deploy process that ran in hours to an entirely automated continuous integration process using Ant, JUnit, Cruise Control, & OJDeploy to run in minutes.
  • Improved proprietary search algorithm to increase search results performance by 75%.
Java SQL Oracle ADF 10g/11g AJAX JSF ADF Faces SOAP ADF BC Ant Siebal Enterprise Oracle Application Server


E-License is an ASP.NET MVC 3 web application which allows order and license administration.

  • Developed ASP.NET MVC 3 web application using C#, VB, Razor, and JavaScript (jQuery) in an Agile environment using Scrum processes.
  • Used Test-driven development & MS Test to develop custom key-cutter to automatically generate license keys from order information in Dynamics GP (Great Plains) via BizTalk.
C# .NET JavaScript ASP.NET Visual Basic .NET Visual Basic 6 jQuery Razor Dynamics GP BizTalk

2006 → 2011


Huntsville, AL

Raytheon is the fourth largest U.S. defense contractor and largest producer of guided missiles in the world, specializing in military weapons and commercial electronics.


Patriot Multi-Echelon Trainer (PMET) is a simulation training program which incorporates 3D virtualization (video game) technology to teach soldiers how to use and maintain Patriot missile systems.

  • Developed 3D virtualization environment utilizing the XNA game engine and C# .NET.
  • Produced mobile iPhone & iPad iOS 3D virtual application using Unity 3D, and developed web server back-end in Ruby on Rails which provided soldiers with training assistance and situational awareness.
  • Worked directly with Army customers at Fort Sill, OK and Boston, MA to gather requirements and evaluate future customer needs.
  • Worked with studio design team in San Francisco, CA to translate high-resolution photographs into a 3D-model using 3D Studio Max and a custom content pipeline.
C# .NET Objective-C Ruby on Rails Unity 3D XNA iOS Ruby on Rails 3D Studio Max 3D


Air Command & Control System Data (ACCS Data) is the Java EE backend data storage for all NATO countries.

  • Filled a critical Java EE need by completing a 6-month assignment in Paris, France.
  • Performed back-end Java development and wrote server side business logic atop a proprietary object-relational mapping and container-managed persistence framework deployed on a WebLogic application server.
  • Worked alongside French and American software engineers to develop an n-tier Client/Server Java EE application utilizing EJB and XML run on a Solaris server.
Java SQL XML WebLogic Java EE EJB Solaris

EPOMT (Lead)

Electronic Patriot Organizational Maintenance Trainer (EPOMT) is a simulation training program for the Japanese Air Force to teach soldiers how to use and maintain Patriot missile systems.

  • Led EPOMT software team of seven engineers, as well as oversaw all design, integration, testing, and successful delivery to customer in Hamamatsu, Japan.
  • Developed training simulation application in VB.NET to run on an RT3 Windows 7 machine.
  • Wrote data access layer to connect VB.NET to a Microsoft Access database using ODBC.
  • Administered ClearCase source control database, executed merges, and ran nightly team builds.
C# .NET Visual Basic .NET Visual Basic 6 Access


Air Command & Control System – Geographic Info System (ACCS GIS) is a NATO command and control application for viewing of non real-time and real-time objects on a situational display.

  • Developed Java code products for the GIS by utilizing Luciad Map framework using MVC architecture to develop specialized map functions, custom controllers, and layer management.
  • Executed unit test, software and system integration in Huntsville, AL, and Los Angeles, CA.
  • Developed unified configuration and testing plan for the software team to encompass the build process, unit testing, and static code analysis (Klocwork and EMMA).
Java Java EE GIS Luciad Map Ant Klockwork EMMA


Surveillance Radar Program – Missile Warning Center (SRP MWC) is a command and control application for the Taiwan Air Force for early warning of ballistic missile attacks.

  • Developed Java components for all Battle Planner related modules using OOA/D principles.
  • Implemented drawing of objects on a real-time map via a Solipsys Tactical Display Framework.
  • Utilized Model Driven Architecture (MDA) by writing platform independent PathMATE action language and creating UML models for use in automatic Java code generation.
  • Designed data model, produced data services utilizing JDBC, and provided administration for a Relational PostgreSQL Database run on a Linux server.
  • Unit and integration tested software using an automated test generation application (Agitator) and an automated GUI testing tool (Quick Test Professional).
  • Traced bi-directional requirements to software in a requirements management tool (DOORS).
  • Conducted tactical demonstrations of MWC software for Air Force generals in Taipei, Taiwan.

2005 → 2006


Austin, TX

Textron is a top 50 Aerospace and Defense company specializing in geospatial solutions.

  • Developed RESTful web services that processed retrieve and response requests for a data distribution system to synchronize real-time mission data across a distributed network for mission planning and battle management using Java, XML, and JSON.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained a company website using JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, XHTML, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Installed, configured, and administered a Linux web server running Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Extended a tactical GIS application in C/C++ and C# .NET used for mission planning.



Austin, TX

Aspyr is a video game developer specializing in porting video games to macOS and Linux.

  • Created and ran test suites using a proprietary testing framework for "Stubbs the Zombie" (credited), a game for Windows, Mac, and X-Box written in C/C++ utilizing the Halo game engine.
  • Won the “Best Bug” award for "Stubbs the Zombie".
  • Implemented bug fixes in C++ to enhance on-demand caching and collision detection.
  • Created and ported various Windows applications to the Mac using Objective-C and Cocoa.
C++ C Objective-C Cocoa



University of Alabama in Huntsville

M.S. in Computer Science

GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Huntsville, AL

Java C++ JavaScript SQL HTML CSS


University of Texas at Austin

B.S. in Computer Science

GPA: 3.90 / 4.0

Austin, TX

Java Python C++ C SQL Haskell LISP VHDL Bash

Apps & Software



IPython (Interactive Python) provides a powerful interactive shell that acts as a kernel for Jupyter and supports interactive data visualization.

  • Open Source Contributor adding python enhancements, improving documentation generated in Sphinx, adding additional python tests and increasing existing code coverage.
  • Implemented and tested a new alias feature for magic functions with parameters which allows users to alias magic functions with attached parameters, just as you would in a linux shell. Additional parameters can also be dynamically added at runtime.
Python YAML Jupyter Sphinx



A JavaScript game inspired by flappy bird where you help a robot navigate through obstacles with increasing difficulty.

JavaScript HTML CSS JSON Chrome Opera Firefox

2017 Search Extension

A Web Browser Extension that searches for a given phrase based on the selected text and an action in the context menu.

JavaScript JSON Chrome Opera Microsoft Edge Firefox


Professional Resume Website

Modern and responsive professional website with an HTML, CSS (LESS), and JavaScript front-end and Django and MySQL backend.

  • Created UI design based on Bootstrap Freelancer with dynamic JavaScript elements such as a top navigation bar that collapses/expands, dynamic highlighting navigation elements with Scrollspy, and minimize/maximize section capabilities.
  • Added custom CSS in LESS with Font Awesome icons and responsive design based on window size including mobile browsers.
  • Created a Django web app in python that connects to a My SQL (Production) or SQLite (Dev) database.
  • Designed custom administration portal with advanced sorting/filtering including authentication. This allows dynamic code and sql script generation to be managed in an easy-to-use web UI.
Python JavaScript SQL HTML CSS JSON LESS MySQL Bootstrap jQuery SQLite Django

2009 → 2012

Rocket City Sitters

Rocket City Sitters was a babysitting service that provided experienced, certified sitters with families in the Huntsville, AL area.

  • Designed and developed the entire website in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Maintained and updated the site to keep up with new customer requirements such as adding sitter and family applications, contact forms, and dynamically integrating customer reviews.

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